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Neo Smooth+

Tube* 150 ml

Helps improve lines and wrinkles by radiating to the skin with the power of alpha-hydroxyacids. Glycolic acid is an exfoliant that works by removing lipids from the skin that keep dead cells on the surface. If you have acne, itching and hyperpigmentation glycolic acid as an exfoliator helps eliminate them because it promotes cell regeneration resulting in a smoother skin.
Lactic acid removes dead cells and exfoliates the skin giving a new look to the surface and fighting overpigmentation.
It is also moisturizing.
Collagen is known for its properties. Its production by the body itself begins to slow down with age, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. The use of collagen products helps to give the skin firmness and elasticity.
Apply a small amount on the face at night on the affected areas, avoiding the eye area. You will feel a slight sting the first 1-2 minutes after application. It is important to apply at night and apply sunscreen with high protective effect the next morning.
* For all skin types