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About Us

Apialpharma was originally launched to trade as pharmaceutical wholesaler. As a company of healthcare distribution, Apialpharma activity has never been only about a delivery. It is about getting the right medicines to the right patients at the right time with safety and efficiency. We try to serve as a vital link as a safe partner in the health care system between manufacturing companies, health care providers and final patient, customers.

Our company has an expertise procedures for medicinal and pharmaceutical product registration, the entry in the list of the national institutes of Albania and regional countries, distribution and sale of medicinal and pharmaceutical products to the healthcare system and at the and consumer

Apialpharma staff walk around to help more than 2 000 pharmacies, 50 public and nonpublic hospitals, clinics and healthcare provides all over Albania and some of the regional countries, in order to provide the medication and products that patients need every day.

We distribute the products to the pharmacies by our Sales Representatives and also by selling to other warehouses in Albania which covers the distribution in all pharmacies all over the country.


The business strategy of Apialpharma is based in business activities as a distributor of:
Generic prescription medicines “Rx segment”
Consumers Health Care segment that includes OTC, food supplements and medical devices.

Apialpharma has quality and safety standard which means that the pharmaceutical product that we distribute on the market is safe, effective and provides a better quality of life.

All medicines, OTC and food supplements that our company distributes can be found in secondary warehouses and all the pharmacies of Albania.

Our mission and vission

Our mission is to distribute health products with quality and standard with competitive price in order to improve health standards with reliable quality in Rx, OTC, food supplements and medical devices.

The Strategic goal for us is services with high quality. Our propose is to offer high quality of services by covering all our customer needs