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Feramax 100 mg

Box * 30

It is a supplement rich in iron and plays a significant role in Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia. Iron deficiency compromise seriously our health, productivity, concentration and longevity.
1) Uniqueness of Feramax is its formulation as a Polysaccharide Iron Complex (PIC) and the fact that delivers the maximum quantity of elemental iron to site of absortion (100 mg/150 mg ) comparing to Iron Fumarat= 100mg; iron sulphate=35 mg; iron gluconate= 35 mg.
2) Fewer side effects
3) Proven clinically to have minimal to no toxicity.
4) Highest well tolerated dose at single or multiple dose per day.
5) Improved compliance due to pleasent tasting.
6) Very well absorbed in ph<4. 7) Gluten free, lactose free . 8) No staining of teeth. 9) Specially formulation to target need of Vegan population. 10) Take one capsule a day 11) You can take it with empty stomach or with meal.